First Kiko Buys

So I moved from my little town in South Wales down to Brighton yesterday, Saturday 26th September. A week later than expected, but hey, we’re just rolling with that! 

Freshers starts tonight; and I’m staying in to sort my room and have a little rest with my migraine! 

Today, my four housemates and I ventured out and last week I realised there was a Kiko in Churchill Square, so I headed in looking for the water eye shadows. 


Leading Up To Leaving 

So the final form is nearly signed, the ridiculous amount of money paid. In 2 weeks, I would have spent my first night in my new house in Brighton; ready for a fresh start.

With less that 14 days to get everything together, I’m going to use some of the things I used last year. I’m going to be living in a shared house, with 4 other girls, so we’re kinda dividing the appliance purchases between us. I got the exiting job of a hoover!

I thought I would just do a little mini insparation for my new room, with what I have and what I need to buy!

Room Ideas

Room ideas2

Top Row:

Chair: Horseshoe Chair in Taupe | £99 | Asda Direct

Peonies: Mauve Peonie Jam Jar | £10 | Next

Throw: Mauve Chenille Throw | £25 | Next

Bottom Row:

Desk: Modern Workstation Desk | £56.99 | ebay: hello-panada

Chair: Eames Plastic DAW Dining Chair | £29.99 | ebay: tradewarehouse147

Lamp: Copperfield Desk Lamp | £24.99 | Homebase

Our house is going to have a lot of major works being done right as we’re moving in, and continuing for an annoying 2 months! Which I knew about all along, but its in an incredible location, literally 1 minute from the beach. Just a short walk into the city centre, and maybe 35 minutes to university; but hey, I had my priorities here!

I am literally in love with the chair, and for only £99 it is a complete steal! Over the past few months I’ve been browsing, and realised how great Asda Home is becoming! Unfortunately, this chair is out of stock right now, but I am praying it will be back in stock soon, and maybe I can get it then after I’ve moved into my final room!

Because of all the work that will be going on, and the room I go into on moving in day, will change after 6 weeks, so I will probably try to keep my things to a minimum until then, thats why I only included a few things here. I also really want to get some typography prints, and just some basic white box frames from ikea too. I will be taking some things from my room at home as well, and hoping that my mam will replace them before I return home to an empty room!



A Little Life Update

Another three Sundays have passed without a post again, sorry about that!
I’ve been super busy, so I thought I’d do a life update!
I’ve also kinda done a complete 360 with my life plans again, after getting in to Brighton University in May when I was dead set that I would go there, enjoy uni life, have the full experience! Then I found out I would be able to live in halls, cried multiple times and I was totally against going altogether. But as time went on, and I was still unemployed and getting annoyed at being a potato, I’ve now decided that I shall be starting my Social Science degree in October.
Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 22.57.35
It was a really tough choice though, I was planning on just working a little 9 to 5 in a office and doing the Open University part time again, while saving up to get a mortgage and start my real adult life. Then I remembered how important my education is to me, and realised I would only kick myself in 2 years when my friends are graduating. I probably will be doing that anyway, as I completely messed up last year, and completely wasted it! But, I suppose, mental health is as important as anything else, and I knew that staying in Hastings wasn’t the right route for me at that time. So kindly, after a 400 mile round trip in ridiculous traffic on a beautiful day, for a 45 minute extra interview to convince my course leader, they have let me re-join their university this year, at the campus I wanted to be at all along!
In regards to my living situation, that will be bleak! I’m sure, it’s everyone who wants to go to universities ideal to live in halls, and it would have been mine too; however as I am a returning student (despite being at a completely different campus, and being a first year student over again) I am strictly not allowed in halls unless they have space after they’ve offered everyone else they can find! Bit ridiculous if you ask me, but hey, they didn’t! The other options I had were to stay with a host family; not my idea of a good time, commute; also not a brill idea when I don’t even live in the same country, or find a group to live with; another tricky task.
After a few days of searching, I joined a group of girls, and we were ready to move forward with one house; however in Brighton, this late in the month, all the decent houses are gone or are being snapped up quickly, so we missed out on 3 of the houses we really wanted as some of the girls didn’t have all their money together. Then the houses after that were getting worse and worse; so I ended up being brave and leaving that group! And I’m happy to say that was a wise move, as I joined a different group with 3 other girls and we were all ready right away to progress with whatever house we found that was suitable. Although, again, so late in the month, there really wasn’t anything decent left.
I’m happy to say though, after a very stressful Friday, leaving Wales at 5:30am and returning at 8pm. In that time I had managed to find an extra housemate, and secure the house after waiting around in an agency office for 2 hours! I’m sure I’ll do a post on it after we get the go ahead to move in either mid or late September; it’s in a great central location, which means 2 buses to uni! And there’s going to be heavy building work going on there for the first 2 months of our tenancy, but hey, choices were slim!
Other than that, I’ve not really got much else going on, the house thing really drained me and it hasn’t been the most pleasant of times! Although, I did take full advantage of the Boots sale the other day, and finally get some new skincare! I only really got cheap bits; but they did all have great reviews online! I also bought myself a MacBook Pro, and got rid of my iMac! I got the screen replaced on my phone in Apple too, another hideous day; lets not get started on the poor customer service in that shop! Oh, and I’ve also booked a quick trip to Paris for the 12th – 16th of December! Which I’m sure will be an absolute delight during the festive period; now I just have to get saving for the shopping!
I think thats all with the updates now; over the next few weeks I’ll be packing everything up, buying any essentials I’ll need to take to Brighton with me, and trying to apply for jobs while I’m there; student finance is a joke and rent is expensive! If there’s any other posts you’d like to see, then be sure to let me know! 🙂
See you next week; I promise!
Alex xx

Make Up : Collection and Storage 

This week I thought I would post my make up collection and storage as it stands now. It’s really not that easy on the eye, I know. But this is what I’m dealing with right now.

As well as the drawers and the stand, I also have a box with extra bits in there, like palettes that I don’t use regularly, blushes and bronzes in a box under my bed, but I’m not including that in this post. My mattress is too heavy for me to lift to get to it!

So firstly, this is my make up stand. I keep this on top of my drawers so I can reach these bit easier. I do try to rotate what I keep in here though so I’m able to use more of a variety.



 I put different things in here if I feel I need to use something else for a change; hence the Naked 3 Palette, I’ve had his for nearly a year and I’ve only used it a few times!  

Then up on my shelf, I keep a set of the typical acrylic drawers. I was so in love with these when I first got them, now all I see are the finger prints all over them! I wish I was able to keep them cleaner with less effort! I think all my junk in there just makes it look a little untidy.

  I organised the drawers by what I use first, so the top drawer is filled with all my foundations. I only have one primer, and that’s in the stand, hence why there aren’t any here. 


 This is my next step when I’m just doing regular everyday make up, so in here I keep powder, bronzer, blush and highlight. The ones I actually use anyway. 


I decided I would just picture both eyeshadow drawers together here, just to save a little space. I keep my two larger palettes on top of the drawers though, as despite my very best attempts at Tetris, there was no way that they would all fit in together!  

  I don’t know why, but I’m really not very experimental with lipsticks, it’s rarely a section that I’m desperate to get too; meaning that I don’t really have many. And the lipstick in the circular pot in the middle was my favourite easy lipstick until it wouldn’t wind back down, I always wanted to attempt melting lipsticks so that’s what I did, although now it very rarely gets used. 

And that’s all I have to share with you this week! Hope you enjoyed the read, a little lengthy I know! 

See you next week,



Leaving the Blonde behind

Yesterday I had to make the tough decision to prevent baldness. I had to get rid of my blonde hair. I’m still pretty devestated about it. I ended up just using a box dye from L’Oreal Paris, in the shade 7.34 Sardinia. 


Luckily, my mum put it on for me. If I was left to my own devices, it would have been an embarrassing result. Although even though my mum did it for me, there are still some areas where it didn’t quite cover the bleached hair how I would have liked it to do. All it will take is another box in a couple of weeks though, and the problem will be rectified! 

It was quite a last minute decision to do it on Satuday morning; my roots were coming through pretty quickly and I really didn’t want to book a £90 appointment at the hair dressers to have it bleached all over again. 

I tried so many different products to get my hair back into a good state when it was blonde, because I really loved the colour and wasn’t able to give in so easily! From the multiple oils, masks and creams, none of them to do enough. There were to many snapping strands and when I brushed my hair it was a disaster! 

I really love the colour that this dye gave me, but I’m still only telling myself it only has to be this way for a year. 

I’ll upload a picture of the actual result when I can get an accurate picture. 

It will still take a while to get it back to a nice condition though. If you know of any products that might help then be sure to let me know in the comments. 


Brush Routine 

So, it’s that time of the month again, time to clean my make up brushes. I know, you read everyone else’s tips and tricks on beauty, they wash theirs at least once a week. I’m afraid this isn’t the case for me. This only comes around once a month, maybe less if I can get away with it. Disgusting I know, but it’s such a chore and it takes so so long! 

On my Friday night, probably around 11pm; I’ll be setting aside a few hours to clean my make up brushes. I’ll be drained and working at snail pace. 

I thought I would just share how I do it, I know everyone has their own preferences, but after endless attempts with other methods, this is how I’ve found works best to keep my brushes clean and in tact. 
This is everything I use to get them in a spic and span condition. 

A little mit. When I bought this, the only one I knew of on the market was $40 from America, so with delivery to the UK, then if there was any custom charges. I picked this little black one up for around £1 on eBay. Okay, maybe I had to wait a few weeks for delivery. But more have came out since, I’m quite interested in the mat to place in the sink from Sephora! 

Anti bacterial soap. Bubble gum scent may not be for everyone. To be honest, I’m not convinced it’s totally for me, it’s always a little bit of a surprise to smell bubble gum when rubbing foundation on my face! The only bit required, is the 99.9% of germs get killed. 

Olive oil. So, this is totally optional! Sometimes I miss it out; this time I did. Once it made my brushes feel so greasy, so I’ll only use it if they’re feeling particularly dry, which when I’m using this soap, it’s unnecessary. When I do use oil, I’ll only use a few drops to a bowl of soap. 

Brush guard. I use these just to make sure the brush hairs all dry into the right shape and direction. 

And the obvious, warm water. 

I mix the soap with the oil. Then just dip the brush in the mixture then lather it up on the mit. Rinse under the tap and squeeze out the excess water. Usually I’ll still see product build up in the centre of the bristles the when I’ve used liquid products with the brush, so I’ll just repeat the process. Then I pop the brush guard over it, then sit them at an angle to ensure to water travels up into the barrel. 


Leave them for maybe 24 hours, and they will be completely dry by then and ready to be put back on the shelf to look pretty!

If you have any tips for cleaning make up brushes then leave it down in the comments please? 

See you next week,

Alex xx

Sunday Spirit

Today I will do absolutely nothing. 

I saw that posted on one of the guys from Made in Chelsea’s Instagram this morning; captioned “How a Sunday should be”. so if it’s good enough for him, then I’m sure it’s good enough for me! 

So in true Sunday spirit, after coming home from having lunch, I thought it would be only right to have a little treat. 


Firstly, let me start with a confession; I don’t have the recipe for these divine cookies! They’re come in powder form from a pretty little Betty Crocker package. Every single time I try to make cookies from a recipe I find online, they turn out revolting. The other day the one I tried was so beyond repair that 16 slutty brownies had to be binned. 

While they were in the oven I made my favourite milkshake! All it takes is 3/4 of your glass of milk, two scoops of ice cream and a heaped teaspoon of Nutella! I always just whiz it all together in our Nutri Bullet then pour it into my favourite glass. 

Then after around 6 minutes in the oven, these little delights came out of the oven, very pale and still moist and chewy on the inside, with a lovely crunch on the outside; just how every cookie should be. With two little scoops of ice cream to melt all over them! 

Now all that’s left to do is get back into some comfy clothes, under the duvet, call my dog up to join me and binge watch YouTube videos, and try to get into Orange Is The New Black. 

What are your lazy Sunday rituals?